Another social support for
Another social support for "Ailə TV" during the quarantine
2021-12-12 20:47:26

05 April 2020

The 1st operator of digital cable TV and optical Internet in the country, Ailə TV continues its expanded package of social campaigns. Local TV channels and major websites are available for FREE for everyone!

The leading operator of television and Internet services Ailə TV, given the widespread spread of the coronavirus pandemic, when people's health requires staying at home, made all local TV channels free. There is no subscription fee required to watch these TV channels during quarantine. In addition, subscribers subscribed to the basic package of 116 channels in digital cable TV will also receive an additional package of 72 channels for free. The company believes that these measures will help citizens get distracted at home, as well as receive timely and vital information on television. Along with this, the main web resources, access to which is extremely important for citizens, will also be open to all users of the fiber-optic Internet service (Ailə NET), regardless of subscription. These are a number of government portals, news sites, online payments, etc. (for a complete list of available sites, see the end of the article).

Recall that, a few days earlier, due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and the introduction of the quarantine regime, Ailə TV provided its medical service staff with its services free of charge ( This was the first stage in the implementation of an expanded package of social actions launched by the company.

Along with the aforementioned concessions, the company, taking into account all segments of the population in the current state of affairs, tries not to turn off television services on debt, and asks subscribers to take responsibility for their debt obligations as much as possible.

Being a pioneer in its industry, Ailə TV, also in the social sphere, periodically applies various projects of public responsibility, strives to expand the favorable conditions for using services for citizens.

For all questions, subscribers can contact the free hotline 920, which operates 7/24.