Ailə TV cable-digital type of broadcasting is, first of all, an impeccable image and sound effects. Subscribers can watch 200 conventional (SD) and HD TV channels in the basic package by connecting to the digital broadcasting service Cable TV from Ailə TV. In addition, by subscribing to the Sport+ package, it is possible to watch an additional 15 TV channels.

Subscription to the Ailə package (200 TV channels) - 10 azn per month, and to the Sport+ package 5 azn. In addition, it is possible to listen to free radio channels.

It should be noted that digital broadcasting has a number of other advantages:

◊ Thus, by connecting to digital broadcasting, you can enjoy a cable TV service that is more resistant to external influences.

◊ It is also possible to watch the same channel in several different languages using the language selection service of certain broadcast channels.

◊ Digital broadcasting is available to subscribers through the EPG (Electronic Program Guide), which can be used to get preliminary information about the programs that will be broadcast.

◊ In order to protect minors from inappropriate content, the parental control service allows you to block any channel completely or for a certain time using special codes.


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