In analogue broadcasting mode, a television signal of 63 channels is transmitted via a fiber-optic cable directly to the viewer's television set. In the digital broadcasting mode, it is possible to view many more TV channels thanks to the encoded technology for transmitting a digital television signal to the built-in DVB-C (Digital Video Broadcasting - Cable) TV receiver or to an external digital receiver connected to it. The digital mode of Ailə TV cable television offers a wider range of TV channels - 200 in the basic package and 15 more channels in additional operator packages. In addition, the digital mode of Ailə TV cable television allows you to watch channels in high definition HD, which allows you to enjoy higher quality TV content. To connect to digital cable television from Ailə TV, you must have a DVB-C receiver or, as they say, a TV tuner. In new generation TVs, such receivers are built-in and it is enough to connect a cable TV operator card to them through a CAM-modul (Conditional-access module) device. According to the state program on the transition to digital broadcasting, Ailə TV systematically offers its subscribers various preferential terms for the purchase of digital HD receivers.