Free Aile TV Player

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Free Aile TV Player

Now it is even more profitable to connect to the İPTV service from Ailə TV. So, by purchasing the newest interactive set-top box, Ailə TV Player for 60 azn, you will receive 1 month of subscription for free. You can also get a set-top box, Ailə TV Player, completely free of charge if you pay for a one-year subscription (120 azn). The İPTV service from Ailə TV is now not just up to 220 channels with the ability to watch reruns up to 3 days each. It also includes the ability to watch TV channels with rewind up to 14 days ago, an online cinema, Ailə Cinema, with more than 50,000 fresh films and TV series. In addition, access to applications, in particular Youtube, will turn any TV into a Smart TV. Detailed information about the interactive set-top box Ailə TV Player at this link. Initial connection requires a quick registration right on the screen, which is confirmed by an SMS message. Then you can enjoy viewing for 1 month for free, the monthly subscription for the following periods is only 10 azn.