Being a part of Ailə TV network, Internet provider Ailə NET provides high-speed, broadband Internet access to residents of Baku and Ganja cities on the basis of advanced fiber-optic technologies.

The specialists of our company are constantly working to improve the quality of services, and precisely selected equipment allows you to fully enjoy all the high-tech capabilities.

The Ailə NET fiber-optic network does not depend on telephone lines, in addition, no modem is required to connect to the Internet.

Ailə NET subscribers are offered an Internet connection from 36 Mbit/s to 100 Mbit/s.

Given the interest in our services, below, we offer you the tariffs, where all the information is clearly visible.

To connect to the services of the Internet provider Ailə NET, you should call the short number 012 920 or fill out an online application form on our website.

Recall that, subscribers are given a dynamic IP. Subscribers can purchase static IP at will. The monthly subscription fee for a static IP is 5 AZN.

According to the unlimited campaign from Ailə NET, for the subscribers connecting to the services of the Internet provider, the cable to the house is free of charge.

Subscribers who prefer to connect to the Internet via WiFi are provided with a router of Xiaomi MI 4A with a cost of 39 AZN. Get a WiFi router for free.

Speed Price
up to 36 Mbit/s 18 AZN
up to 56 Mbit/s 28 AZN
up to 70 Mbit/s 35 AZN
up to 100 Mbit/s 50 AZN

*Double Internet speed at night is not guaranteed and depends on the number of Internet users on the network.