I want to be subscriber, that it should be done?
- Call on short number 012 920. Or leave the online application on our website.
How long does it take to connect or service?
- Within 3 working hours from the moment of acceptance of the application we will contact you and let you know the exact time of service. (Working hours: 09: 00-18: 00 every day)
How much does it cost to subscribe TV service?
- Connection is free of charge, Subscription: 10 AZN per month.
What types of broadcasting do you have?
- We have three broadcasting modes: Analog broadcasting Digital, HD broadcasting IP TV
What TV channel packages does Ailə TV offer?
- In the analog mode 65 channels are broadcast. - In the base digital more than 110 channels. It is possible to connect to an additional package: Ailə + or 18+. - And in the IP TV mode, up to 220 TV channels are available. - In addition, free radio channels are available in all modes. More detailed information, and the channels retransmitted in the network Ailə TV you can get on our website.
What is the speed of the Internet by Ailə NET?
- Ailə NET offers unlimited internet connection on 36 mbit /s to 100 Mbit /s
What is the advantage Ailə NET?
- Advantage of Ailə NET is the fact that, for the connection does not require phone lines and modems. Internet connectivity is provided by a high-quality fiber optic cable.
What does fiber optic Internet mean?
- Fiber-optic channel is an ideal way of connection for multi-apartment buildings. It provides a very stable, reliable network with an extremely high transmission rate of both incoming and outgoing data.
Why is the speed of my Internet connection lower than the one declared on the contract?
- Under the contract you are given a certain tariff for a non-guaranteed Internet connection. The speed of your Internet can decrease in peak hours, as well as when connecting to a network of a large number of devices.
Why do the IP addresses of Ailə NET subscribers change frequently?
- Subscribers are given dynamic IP addresses, which periodically change. Subscribers can get a static IP address for an additional fee.
What is required to connect to the IP TV service from Ailə TV?
- You must have a minimum intrnet connection speed of more than 2 Mbit / s. To view you must connect Ailə TV Player to your TV and Internet. (WiFi) Buying Ailə TV Player user receives a 1 month free trial of about 200 channels. Each subsequent month subscription fee is required at least 10 AZN. Ailə TV Player Get you can buy from our dealers, filalah Ailə TV or book online on our website.
What are the conditions of connection and subscription?
- To connect to purchase enough Ailə TV Player. The first time you connect, you need SMS registration. Payment for the subscription is also made by these credentials (telephone number of the subscriber).
How many channels are broadcast and which packages are divided?
- Ailə package includes 200 TV channels with a monthly fee of 10 AZN. By subscribing to the Ailə package, the subscriber has the option to view the additional package 18+.
Who will install Ailə TV Player, which I bought from your dealers?
- Step-by-step instructions for installing the Ailə TV Player are listed in the user manual that comes with the kit. If you have any questions with the connection, call the short number (012) 920.
Is it possible to use one service profile on several TV sets?
- IPTV service from Ailə TV is available simultaneously on 3 devices in the same Internet network (IP address). 1 subscription - 3 devices.