Now it is possible to watch Ailə TV wirelessly and without antenna. It’s enough to have 2 Mbit / s internet!

Order Ailə TV Player (60 ₼) now and get 3 months of free subscription! Enjoy the following advantages:

Wherever you are in the world – Take a Ailə TV Player with yourself, get in touch with it, and watch it!

200+ TV CHANNELS – Watch 214 full-length TV channels without wireless and crooked!

HD BROADCASTİNG – Watch TV channels broadcast both in ordinary and Full HD quality with Ailə TV!

CATCH UP TV – Possibility of re-watching TV programs broadcasted on Ailə TV for 14 days. Simply select and watch what you want on the TV program (EPG).

50 000 FILM – Frequently updated free movies and TV shows. Ailə Cinema.

WIFI ROUTER FUNCTION – Describe Ailə TV Player as TV receiver and WiFi router (WiFi Hotpoint).

SMART TV APPLICATION – Possibility to provide ordinary TV with Smart TV functions and Smart Remote Control.

Monthly subscription fee: 10 AZN

✓ Order Ailə TV Player (60 ₼) now and get 1 months of free subscription!

✓ Or pay for a subscription for a year (120 ₼) and get Ailə TV Player for free!

You will be contacted during the day when you order. Telegram: 0554409720

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