About us:

Ailə TV Trademark is owned by "Caspian Telecom" LLC , is a leading company in the field of ICT in Azerbaijan. The company...

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About us

Ailə TV Trademark is owned by “Caspian Telecom” LLC , is a leading company in the field of ICT in Azerbaijan. The company was founded in 1997 , the year and offers a wide range of ICT services.


The company uses the most advanced technology currently offers TV services under the brand Ailə TV and internet service provider under the brand Ailə NET.


“Caspian Telecom” LLC at the same time acts as the network operator and thus serves corporate clients.


From the early years of the company “Caspian Telecom” LLC strives for as a result of innovation is a pioneer in a number of innovations in the field of TV and Internet services.


For the first time in Azerbaijan , digital cable television services were used by “Caspian Telecom” LLC . In addition, the first HD broadcast in Azerbaijan and for the brand Ailə TV.


Along with cable TV services company offers IP TV service and technology-based OTT (Over The Top). Thanks to technology OTT TV channel packages Ailə TV viewed, perhaps anywhere in the world , without antennas and cables.


The first operator of broadband fiber-optic Internet in Azerbaijan, Ailə NET, is also included in the scope of services of the company “Caspian Telecom” LLC . Ailə NET offers fiber optic Internet connection of 36 Mbit / s to 100 Mbit / s residents of Baku and Ganja.


The company in the first years of existence focuses on social responsibility and is committed to the company’s operations were to the benefit of the common interest of our society.


The company “Caspian Telecom” LLC strives to provide a high level of customer satisfaction and partners.